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 KID_Pryde staff application

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what position do you think i should get?
stay as [VIP] :(
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 100% [ 1 ]
[Super Op]
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i will love you if i get [Moderator], no homo
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could it possibly be? no.. yes! [Admin]
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PostSubject: KID_Pryde staff application   Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:11 pm

Name: Kris
In-game name: KID_Pryde
Age: 17
Gender: Male

due to recent events, we've had a lot of staff changes, which of course means... PROMOTIONS!!! so heres my bid. Anyways, im not really gunning for a specific position, just looking to help out, but i guess i should tell you why i think i deserve one. So, one of my big thing is i like to help other people, i've ungriefed peoples houses, gave supplies to people who've died or been stolen from, or who just need a little more stuff to build. i'm polite and friendly, and very welcoming to new members, as long as they dont grief of course. i would prefer a higher rank because it would make it easier for me to help others, i log a lot of playing time, and im extremely loyal, i dont switch servers or anything, and i've always noticed that there is never any ops or mods or, well, anyone above VIP on when i am, except flyn from time to time, but he's always on the console, so this would mean that i can be on for the people that need and op or mod or whoever on. also, building big things is like, my LiFE, and i would gladly help build or even improve buildings for the server, or just other people. i didnt get used much, but on the other server, i had a contracting business, so i'd build houses for people. another good thing about me is im smart and creative, not to brag or anything, but i build some pretty decent stuff, idk if anyone check out my old castle, but it had a lot going for it, and my buildings usually get better and better, and im also pretty nifty with redstone. i keep notes (yes, i know, i have no life, but hey, i like easy access to information) so i could be pretty helpful to have around. anyways, please consider this application, i really love this server and the people on it, no homo, and would be very happy if i could be an even greater asset to it, thank you for considering me,

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KID_Pryde staff application
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