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 A new 'flavour' if you will..

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PostSubject: A new 'flavour' if you will..   Mon May 07, 2012 9:47 pm

Ok, so i was wandering.. because all this tekkit stuff didnt turn out very well... You guys 'n' girls all know the yogbox right? So, in less than a month or so it is introducing its multiplayer version (updating more like it).. as you all know this runs straight off the tekkit launcher so no need to download any additional crap. It is a very good mod and i think this would be a fun alternative to vanilla. It would be like another 'flavour' if you will. But, if for some reason no, there are also alot more like 'hack'n'mine', Technic, VoxelBox, etc etc..

Thanks, Purple

EDIT: So, i am obviously stuck in the past.. and yogbox will now work with bukkit in multiplayer *Punches fist in the air*
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A new 'flavour' if you will..
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