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 Good bye Tekkit

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PostSubject: Good bye Tekkit   Fri Jul 13, 2012 1:37 am

Well, I just feel like posting screenshots of my creations in the Tekkit-verse before it is being deleted forever... At least they will live on as snapshots instead of just mere memories.

Just another day waking up in my bedroom, after a hard day's work.

As I stepped out of my house into this wondrous world of solitude, I stretched and breathed in a breath of fresh air.. "Ahh.. What should I do today?"

I rounded the corner, past my pixelated art work. I thought to myself, "I still have no idea what it represents, but it sure looks fun to jump on" as I trodded along the stone path..

I stopped at the stone archway, staring back at the desolate spawn house. I reminisced the hours I have spent alone, hoping there were more people around to share my moments.

Finally, I decided to make a stop at the wishing well. Staring into the heavens, I made a wish to the goddess: "I hope that paradise will descend someday, that more friendly and likable players will visit paradise falls. Goddess, for that I shall sacrifice my powers and offer them to you. I will return my mastery of redpower, my knowledge of computercraft, my tools of industrialcraft, and I will even offer an equivalent exchange of my Gate of Truth. Please grant me my wish..."

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Good bye Tekkit
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